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Regulatory and Healthcare Law                      

Representing & consulting with professional licensees to assure regulatory compliance.

Healthcare Attorney Sharon B. Roberts R.Ph., Pharm.D, J.D. of  Grossman, Furlow & Bayo, LLC provides legal compliance counseling in numerous areas of regulatory health law and represents healthcare entities and professional health care licensees before regulatory agencies. The emphasis of her practice within the firm is consulting on the laws and rules affecting health care entities in the following areas:

Drug, Device and Cosmetic Law - Representing prescription, veterinary and over-the-counter drug manufacturers, prescription and veterinary drug wholesalers and distributors, device and cosmetic manufactures, third party logistics providers, re-packers and brokers, in all regulatory aspects of their business. Our representation covers initial business agreements and contracts, application assistance, audit trail and document development, policy and procedure guidance and development, Designated Representative consulting, onsite mock inspections, licensing assistance with the FDA and individual states as well as representation in front of the corresponding regulatory boards for Drug, Device and Cosmetic Manufacturers and Distributors.

Medspa Law - Representing numerous clients who have developed or seek to develop a Medspa business as part or all of their medical practice. Our firm has special relationships with the Board of Medicine and Cosmetology as well as the Electrology Council.

Food and Dietary Supplements - Assisting the nutritional and homeopathic industry wade through the changing and growing regulations and work with the Food and Drug Administration, as well as the State of Florida, to create labeling and procure proper licensing for manufacturing and distribution of naturopathic products.

Pharmacy Law - Assisting entities in all aspects of pharmacy law from initial consultations for pharmacy set ups to extensive consultations including preparation for accreditation and assignment of Consulting Pharmacists of record.

Medspa Law                          

At the Forefront of the Evolving Medical Spa Practice.  

Regulatory Healthcare Attorney Sharon B. Roberts has created a unique niche in the market of Medical Spa licensing and regulatory compliance and she is a former Department of Health inspector who stays abreast of dynamic Medical Spa laws and rules that regulate this exploding Medspa practice model.

Medical Spas (Medspas) are a unique and exciting cooperative business venture that brings together licensed health care providers and a traditional spa atmosphere to form a new industry which provides numerous therapeutic and cosmetic services to our communities.

These new associations between physicians, cosmetologists, electrologists, physician assistants, medical assistants and traditional spa owners pose many business and legal hurdles unique to the industry. The Law Firm provides guidance to established Medical Spas concerning the ongoing requirements imposed on the industry by the laws of local, state and federal government (e.g. Florida Board of Medicine rules, Florida Medicare Practice Act, Florida Health Care Clinic Act, Florida Medical Practice Act, Prescription Drug Marketing Act, Drug, Device and Cosmetic Act, etc.). We also closely counsel Medical Spa entrepreneurs in establishing their new business ventures and help guide them through the complexity of legal and business obstacles

In addition, Grossman, Furlow & Bayo, LLC provides legal representation to Medical Spas as well as physicians, cosmetologists, electrologists, and nurses involved in operating or participating in Medical Spas as employees. Medspa legal advice is provided on issues such as fee-splitting, professional liabilities, anti-kickback laws, professional licensure, unprofessional conduct, regulatory compliance, HIPAA, drug distribution and storage, administrative practices, etc.
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Notice to "Pain Clinics"
Strict new rules for pain clinics, and their doctors, FAC 64B8-9.0131, were to take effect Nov. 28, 2010 but officials said this week's vote will shelve them until the Legislature can ratify them during its next session in spring. The rules have been in the works for 14 months.
PDMP Announcement
The non-profit Florida PDMP Foundation, Inc. (the Foundation) is the organization authorized by f.s. 893.055 to raise funds for the prescription drug monitoring program (PDMP). Currently the PDMP is funded for establishment and operations through June 30, 2011. The Foundation is authorized a minimum of five Board Members and up to eleven members. The Foundation’s Board is at its minimum level of five and seeks to increase its numbers to assist with its mission of fund-raising. If you know anyone that might be interested in being a Florida PDMP Foundation Board Member, please Email or call Claude Shipley at 850-414-8820.